Punjab Law & PA department has started publishing secondary legislation as well along with principal legislation.


On the directions of Honorable Supreme Court, Punjab Law & PA department constitued teams to thoroughly review each and every law and ensured that all laws are error-free....

With the help of PITB, Electronic Filing and Office Automation System (EFOAS) has been implemented in the department.

Considering the popularity of mobile devices, the department has developed Punjab Code Android app, the salient features of the app are offline access to the Punjab Code; and rec...

On the directions of Honorable Supreme Court, Punjab Law & PA department has translated all Punjab laws (principal and delegated) into Urdu language.

The Law Portal, an initiative of the Punjab Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, enables the citizens to easily search an online repository of Punjab Laws.

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islamic republic
of pakistan
It is a Federation, consisting of four Provinces (Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Sindh), Islamabad Capital Territory (the Federal Capital) and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas. The legislative and executive functions are divided between the Federation and the Federating units (four Provinces) under the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (1973).

The order for summoning the session of the Provincial Assembly of Punjab on 09.08.2017 has been withdrawn by the government.


Vacancies of Deputy Director (L&PA Wing), Chief Translator and Translator have been advertised by the Punjab Public Service...


The Punjab Local Government (Fourth Amendment) 2016 and The Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug AuthorityOrdinance 2016 will be...


Punjab Fair Representation of Women Bill 2014 has been passed bythe Punjab Assembly on 08.03.2014 during its ongoing 7th...

asked questions

Can Law department initiate legislative proposals?

Not generally. The legislative policy is to be initiated and determined by the concerned administrative department. However, Law Department initiates legislative proposals in the cases which are its administrative concern.

Does Law department provide professional trainings to their Officers?

Relevant training facilities received from various organizations are utilized for training and capacity building of the staff. Punjab Judicial Academy may also be utilized for the purpose.

Can private person access the Law & P.A department's library?

Research and other scholars are encouraged to utilize the library facilities and services. Any private individual may also visit the library with the previous arrangement with the Librarian.

Punjab Judicial Academy, an autonomous body, has been established under the Punjab Judicial Academy Act 2007 as a training institution. Hon’ble Chief Justice Lahore High Court heads the Board of Management. The Academy aims at capacity-building and ethical and moral development of the officers for effective service delivery to the masses.

The Administrator General and Official Trustee is appointed by the Provincial Government and discharges his functions under the Administrator General’s Act 1913 and the Official Trustees Act 1913.

The Office of Advocate General is a Special Institution attached to the Law Department. It is headed by Advocate General Punjab. The Governor, on the advice of the Chief Minister or the Cabinet, in terms of Article 140 read with Article 105 of the Constitution, appoints him but he serves during the pleasure of the Governor.

Under the over-all supervision and control of Law and Parliamentary Affairs Department, the Solicitor Department (an Attached Department of Law Department) is over all in-charge of all civil litigation by or against the Govemment.The detailed functions and procedure according to which the Solicitor exercises its functions are given in the Law...

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